Delivery Policy

The user acknowledges that the delivery time listed on the site, as well as the time received in the notification (email or phone) he will receive after placing the order is an estimate and not exactly, the exact time may be shorter or longer depending on the conditions and availability of picking up the products by the courier company. The user understands that at any time, due to unforeseen circumstances, the order may be canceled unilaterally by Muzica Gramada, in which case it will be notified by a phone call.

We normally ship posts by Posta Romana. It will take up to 2 business days to prepare the package and 5-10 business days to receive it in Romania. For the rest of the World delivery will take between 10-20 business days.

The package is well packaged so it will reach you in excellent condition. The delivery address may be different from the one in the bulletin.

The company will not be liable to you for any losses, debts, costs, damages or expenses arising from late delivery. In such cases, we will inform you using the contact details you provide to us when placing the order and canceling the order or ensuring delivery to an alternative address.

Thank you!